Beverley has been a Pilates expert for 21 years & discovered Pilates in Bondi beach, Australia after suffering from back problems. Pilates has been essential in recovering from prolapsed discs, spinal stenosis l, operations & a road traffic accident. She specialises in teaching people after back problems although loves to teach all levels including paddleboard Pilates! She graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Science & is qualified in Pilates with the Body Control Pilates Association, beginners to advanced matwork, reformer & all the studio & small equipment. Beverley would love to help you strengthen in mind & body & achieve step by step what you’d like to achieve with the help of Pilates.

Pilates with Beverley for back problems one to ones are to help strengthen your back, improve your core stability, alignment, flexibility & posture.

Beverley will now be running 2 Pilates classes on Thursday mornings. Each class will be 60 minutes, the first from 9.30 to 10.30 and the second will be 10.30 11.30. Both classes will be a small group mixed ability class.

Beverley will teach you how to both do your exercises, gradually build confidence & most importantly  how to practice at home & incorporate Pilates into your daily lifestyle, relax, de stress  & regain the quality of your life.

On arrival you get to warm up with the pilates spiky balls to warm up your muscles, release any tension, tightness & stiffness in the muscles, have a chat and you get to pick an angel card or positive affirmation card. Picking a card before class is really sociable, gives you a positive affirmation for class or some much needed daily guidance, yes pilates helps you with your body, back and core but it can help so much more as well  with your happiness, mental and emotional health too. It gives you a chance to relax and think and talk about what it means to you as well as your goals.

Then onto the main bit of the class your Pilates exercises, I will tailor the exercises exactly to you, helping you reap all the usual benefits of Pilates, to strengthen your back, body, massively improve your core stability and tones up your entire body, it’s a chance to stretch your muscles and improve your posture. It feels good. 

I teaching intuitively with the angels, one to ones & classes always include meditation, relaxation at the end of class with energising & relaxing essential oils and massage. 

Pilates is an incredibly mindful form of exercise, the breathing and concentration are brilliant stress relievers. 

Look forward to teaching you pilates with the angels !

To book or find out more telephone 01202 802936 or email:

Classes are £10 per class, paid in class blocks or monthly membership available.