My name is Kerrie and I qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in the summer of 2018. I practice Yoga daily and it has yoga has been a big part of my life for many years. I practice daily either at home or within classes. I have attended many workshops and some retreats to further develop my personal my practice. I have also recently completed a Rocket teacher course which I hope to teach in near future.

I am an experienced qualified mental health nurse and have been nursing since my early twenties. Within my nursing career I have facilitated mindfulness groups, wellness workshops and recovery based groups and so I hope to share some of my knowledge mindfulness, health and wellbeing to my students. I have also worked within a health retreat whilst traveling abroad and whilst I was there I supported some yoga teachers with setting up classes and participated within the classes which helped me  deepen my personal practice and enhanced my passion for yoga.

I have practiced numerous yoga styles but vinyasa flow is one of my favourite as I like the creativity which this style can offer. I will be offering my students Vinyasa flow class which will be suitable for beginners and those who already practice yoga regularly.

My classes will dynamic and creative which will allow you to challenge yourself by offering variations whilst being mindful of both the breath and body throughout. I will incorporate breathing exercise to help prepare my students for the class and offer meditations for relaxation.

Saturday Morning Wellbeing Yoga Course

9.00-10.15am - 4 Week course starting Saturday 3rd October.

A four week yoga course focusing on your health and wellbeing. Each week we will focus on different areas to allow you the time and space to nourish your mind, body and soul. This course gives you some well-deserved time away from your busy life to allow you to connect to yourself and feel re-energised and balanced, so that you can feel the best version of yourself.

The yoga flow will be a gentle slow vinyasa flow which will begin with breath work (pranayama) and end with a beautiful deep nourishing relaxation or yoga nidra.


Week one - We will focus loving kindness and compassion – Beginning with Mindful breath  awareness to help prepare for our physical practice of  a heart opening vinyasa yoga flow which will also including loving kindness mediation and relation.

Week two detox – A yoga flow that focusing on poses to help with detoxification.  Ending with a yoga Nidra.

Week three balance- A yoga class that will focus on balancing postures. We will start with Nadi Shodhana breathing or otherwise known as alternative nostril breathing balance breathing to help you to feel calm and rebalanced.

Week four - A grounding slow vinyasa flow with some restorative yoga poses at the end of the sequence. Ending with a beautiful soothing yoga nidra- All relaxation can benefit our health and wellbeing but yoga nidra has incredible ways of reducing stress and improve our health generally.


This course is open to beginners and those who already have a yoga practice. Spaces are limited and so booking is essential and social distancing will be respected. We are asking our students to bring their own mats to ensure your health and safety. Please also bring a blanket or warm clothes for the relaxation at the end.

This an investment of £40.00 per course or £10.00 per class but priority will be given to those who book the course.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to chat about any further yoga courses or classes or you would like to explore a 1:1 personal yoga session.