BabyHands - Baby Massage with Pauline Yates

Baby Hands classes will be starting on Friday 11th January at 11.30am. Classes will run for 45 minutes. It is a 5 week course.

I am a qualified instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and my classes are based on Indian and Swedish Massage with elements of yoga and reflexology.

Baby Massage offers special time to communicate with your baby through touch speech and focused attention.

Benefits of Baby Massage for your baby can be;

Helping your baby to feel attached, loved, valued and respected.

Increase levels of relaxation and promote longer sleep.

Can relieve symptoms of wind, colic, constipation and teething.

Stimulates and develops body awareness and co-ordination.


Benefits of Baby Massage for parents or carers can be;

Feeling closer and attached to your baby.

Gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s cues and body language, crying and behaviours.

Increased confidence in abilities to care and nurture your baby and promote baby brain development.

Learning  a life- long parenting skill.


£60 for a 5 week course of Baby Massage

Please email: to book or call Pauline on: 07967 054266