Yoga Tone – Yoga & Pilates with Dawn

Dawn is offering 2 class types. Pilates to improve posture, mobility, increase core strength and stability, alleviate back pain and general aches and pains.  Yoga Tone, a beautiful blend of yoga and Pilates, bringing the benefits of Pilates plus flexibility, stress relief and a healthy mind-body connection. Her experience as a Personal Trainer means that if you have any fitness or personal goals or want to perfect your practice, she can help you achieve this with a 1:1 session which also includes a home practice program to get real results.

If you haven’t already tried Dawn’s classes pop along and open your eyes (and lungs) to the brave new world of Pilates and yoga.

Wednesday 7.30-8.15am Yoga Tone

Wednesday 9.30-10.15am Pilates stage 2

Thursday 6-6.45pm Pilates stage 2

Thursday 7-7.45pm 1:1 / private session

Friday 9.30-10.15am Pilates stage 3

Friday 10.30-11.15am Pilates stage 1

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